Rosita Products

The best brine, the best shelf life and the best quality

Our ROSITA salted and smoked pork products are designed for a hot climate and have a shelf-life of at least one year. All ROSITA products can be handled and stored without cooling facilities and are ideal for regions where such facilities are scarce. Through our own production or through partnerships with selected suppliers we control the whole production process and are able to guarantee that our products have the best quality.

ROSITA is well known on the market for having the best brine, the best shelf life and the best quality. ROSITA products are easily recognised by the orange colour of the lids.

Salted Pig Feet in Strong Brine

Entradia’s highly appreciated ROSITA Salted Pig Feet in Strong Brine is our most popular product. Our salted pig feet are well known to have the best quality and the best brine on the market.

Salted Smoked Pork

Entradia’s ROSITA Salted Smoked Pork is exported mainly to Sierra Leone and Liberia where it is a much appreciated product and also known as Salted Smoked Bacon. Normally we export ROSITA Salted Smoked Pork as a part load in a container with our Salted Pig Feet in Strong Brine.

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